You Have No Idea What You’re Doing

It’s ok, neither do I.

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Do you feel like you’re sinking under the pressure of filling imaginary shoes, or that you don’t have the right skills to successfully carry out your job? Me too. All. The. Time. And then, sometimes, I feel super confident that I’ve got it covered- and then… I get knocked right back down and reminded that I’ve got a long way to go until I’m ready for the big stuff.

Imposter Syndrome makes thousands of people on the daily feel as though their knowledge is not adequate for the job they want to perform. But the secret is, you’ve got to embrace this. If you’re worried that you’re not good enough, but you’re still trying, that means you’ve got it. You’ve got what you need to succeed. I don’t mean straight away, but eventually, after mistake on mistake, you’ll be ready. And that’s all we need to work with.

One day, you’ll turn around and realise that you’re a million miles away from where it all began. You will have gotten comfortable with your faults, better at delegating, and at ease in the hotseat of business.

And even then, there will be times when you’re losing your mind trying to cover all bases and feel competent in the task at hand.

Let’s talk about how to get comfortable with your mistakes.

We will also discuss how to have fun with it all.

Then, we will think about how to embrace the mistakes and fear of our employees too.

Are you ready?

  1. Submit SOMETHING- don’t spend too much time on hesitation, think of everything as a draft until the very last minute. Only then can you be careful and hold your breath.
  2. After reading criticism, or advice on your work/ ideas, close your eyes, relax your shoulders take a deep breath. Close the comment.
  3. Go back to the criticism, and keep your emotions in check. If you feel tense or like you’re closed off to the information you’re being given, force yourself to laugh. Stare at the comments until you can find even in an inkling of positivity in them.
  4. Identify the things you respond badly to. And then make yourself engage in these acitivities once a week, minimum.
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Have fun!

It’s time to stop acting like we are all mature and serious when we are working. Why not enjoy yourself in the office, involve your employees in the changes and mistakes you’re nervous about. Make a wall of mistakes, and everytime you mess up, stick it on the wall. Once you’ve improved from your mistake, go back to the wall, rip up the post it- or have another wall for wins!

I LOVE the opportunity for celebrating small achievements. Getting comfy and laughing at mistakes is a great success. Well done, student. Now… become the teacher.

Your employees or colleagues might think you’re crazy at first when they see you sticking post it notes all over the walls.

Maybe you choose to create a mistake box, or a point system for who makes the most mistakes in a week. (every mistake leads you closer to success…)

But who cares! Be the change that you’d love to see in your own office, and eventually, they’ll be on board.

Try not to make your employees feel bad for messing up (unless it’s REALLY bad). And if it’s a case of them needing to make big changes, don’t make them do it alone. I mean, come on. The worst teachers tell you that you’re wrong, and then keep the answer a secret. Imagine how mad you’d be if someone did that to you?

Give people a buddy system of support for change management and failure development. We grow quicker together. And we’re not meant to do things alone.

So, what next? Let me know if you try any of these things, and if they don’t work for you, I’d love to know that too. I’ll create better advice if I know what I’m saying isn’t working in practice!

P.S, this week I’ve made at least 23 mistakes… and it’s only Wednesday. Lucky me.

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