Openness- what’s the deal?

OCEAN model, part 2

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The Big Five Factor Model is used more than you can imagine to analyse the main personality traits of individuals. Conscientiousness, as already discussed, focusses on great job performance, leadership skills, and poor adaptability. Here I start at the beginning of the model with openness…

Personally, I’m a little too open. My filter works on a part-time basis, I’m particularly not judgemental, and creative. I love to read, write, create music, doodle, and spend my free time looking at other people expressive creations.

But sometimes I’m a little flakey. I show up when it’s crucial, but I am terrible at committing to plans or agreeing to zoom call times with my friends. I am strict with myself when meeting deadlines, but I won’t be quick to agree on specific article titles or projects.

I think it’s time for us to offer more attention to openness and stop focussing all of our efforts on conscientiousness. All five of the personality traits are important for a reason.

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Creative individuals offer a lot of new perspectives on certain business ventures, and employees who score highly on openness are great at accepting change. You know what this means…

Openness= change management genius. Leave a conscientious person with someone open minded for long enough, and they’ll come to a healthy equilibrium of commitment and adaptability. This is wonderful news.

Having an office space full of a variety of employees all with different levels of the five personality traits will make the organizational health of your company inevitably better. That’s why it’s important to use psychometrics as well as traditional interview processes, as otherwise it can be easy to be influenced by our personal biases.

This would mean that we might choose employees who are all very open, but terrible at committing. Yikes. Now that would be a mistake.

So, which personality trait do you think you can associate with most?

Are your strengths found in your conscientiousness, your emotional intelligence, agreeableness or openness? Or are you a little risky..?

I want to hear from people please! Is my content working for any of you out there?

How to live a healthier and more fulfilling life- discover happiness, behavioural hacks, and adventures of every kind through my writing :)

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