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Medium has an endless supply of business related tips and content ready to be digested, which is something I definitely make the most of. However- the partnership of psychology and business seemed, to me, to be missing from the vast selection of work available.

Psychology and behavioural sciences are what make most successful organisations stand out, but the secrets to change management, organisational health and psychometrics feel like well-kept secrets. It’s time to change that, which is why I’m here.

Understanding the reality of good relationship and leadership expectations in the workplace, and getting that…

I’m coming on the journey too

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Many people believe that in order to be successful, you have to make your every move flawless. Perfectionism is one of the most dangerous commodities for any business to be subjected to. Though the name isn’t particularly threatening, the outcome of buying into nitpicking is. We often forget the importance of making mistakes when it comes to successful leadership and business advancement. This is because once we have achieved success, we tend to erase the struggles from our memory, which means when we look back on our journeys, it is with rose-tinted glasses. …

Thank you for this article, Donna. I enjoyed reading it very much. Organizational health is so important and often overlooked in my opinion.

What we know about the brain- and what can cause distractions.

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Today, the online presence of businesses is more important than ever before. The pandemic has seen an ever-growing number of companies rely upon clientele that have discovered them through LinkedIn, their website, or other social media posts that have managed to catch their eye. And with everyone increasing their online content, the competitive pool for aesthetically pleasing and approachable web design has grown exponentially. But what is the most crucial secret to creating an effective website?

For over 200 years, Psychologists have been fascinated with theories of attentional processing…

You’re destroying your company by doing this…

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You like it done your own way. Or maybe you have a very specific image in mind. Is it possible that you’re not even sure what you want, but you know you don’t want that? It might be time for a little sit down and a chat. It turns out you’re a micromanager. And you’re not helping your company. At all.

Micromanaging is a dangerous disease, one which will result in your employees feeling worried that their ideas won’t meet your standards. They’ll show you their work, and you uncontrollably take the laptop and begin editing their PowerPoint until it’s…

It’s Time To Make Better Hires

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Small and medium businesses- I’m talking to you. Did you know that you could cost your company £50,000 by making a poor hiring choice? We’re not talking minor slip-ups here, we’re opening up about the big stuff.

Interviewing, screening, and hiring applicants can be extremely difficult. This is especially true when looking at companies that are still relying upon the traditional interview to make their selection of new employees. In 2021, this isn’t good enough. Here’s why.

We are all, unfortunately, victim to our own unconscious biases, whether that be hiring people with similar backgrounds, beliefs, or interests to us…

It’s ok, neither do I.

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Do you feel like you’re sinking under the pressure of filling imaginary shoes, or that you don’t have the right skills to successfully carry out your job? Me too. All. The. Time. And then, sometimes, I feel super confident that I’ve got it covered- and then… I get knocked right back down and reminded that I’ve got a long way to go until I’m ready for the big stuff.

Imposter Syndrome makes thousands of people on the daily feel as though their knowledge is not adequate for the job they want to perform. But the…

OCEAN model, part 2

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The Big Five Factor Model is used more than you can imagine to analyse the main personality traits of individuals. Conscientiousness, as already discussed, focusses on great job performance, leadership skills, and poor adaptability. Here I start at the beginning of the model with openness…

Personally, I’m a little too open. My filter works on a part-time basis, I’m particularly not judgemental, and creative. I love to read, write, create music, doodle, and spend my free time looking at other people expressive creations.

But sometimes I’m a little flakey. I show up when it’s crucial, but…

The Secret To Good Leadership

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Look around your workplace. Which employees are you most impressed with? Who stands out to you as self-assured, with no need for spoon feeding? They probably make up the best of the best in your workforce. You hired them for their impressive skill set, the pride they take in the achievements listed on their CV. What makes them so special?

I’m about to argue that the best people to employ are those with stacks and stacks of a secret ingredient. Humility. Why is being humble so important you may ask. …

A reason and explanation

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A diagnosis of autism can help a child to feel as though they have a reason and explanation for certain behaviours they may have, as well as helping their parents and possibly educators to have a better grasp of how to engage the said child. Many people on the spectrum are high functioning and are affected minimally by their diagnosis of autism, contrasting greatly to those highly impaired by their position on the autism spectrum. In order to support a child with autism, many people feel as though they have to be certain that it is…

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